2021 Annual Report

As far as fund raising goes, it has been a very lean 2 years as covid restrictions have prevented my holding events. However, many thanks must go to regular contributors and other donations that have kept us afloat over this period. It was suggested that I might hold online events, but I find this difficult as the whole ethos of the Charity is "to give to get" and asking for money without this I find hard. A very generous cheque from Richard and Tessa Carss to ZANE for the orphans allowed Mike to keep fees and food afloat without robbing the coffers, so heartfelt thanks to them. As always, thank you to ZANE for all the help ensuring the fees go to Mike and claiming Gift Aid on our behalf. Fortunately, I have been able to start fund raising again. A visit to Moore House Academy in September to talk to the pupils who are interested in helping children in Zimbabwe was the first in 2 years. A really amazing charity doing so much to broaden education and improve living conditions for children in care in Scotland. I hope to be working with them in 2022. In October we resumed our walking event in the Peebles area and provided the usual picnic lunch. There was a good turn out and a healthy amount was raised towards school fees. Thanks to all those involved in the organisation and catering for the day. It actually remained mainly dry and was enjoyed by all. I am unable to work in schools for the foreseeable future and so will try to do more outdoor events next year. Zimbabwe is still in a sad state with covid adding to the problems. There is a problem with Digital learning as orphans do not have access to WhatsApp. I have sent funds to purchase mobile phones for 21 of the 31 children, but am waiting for Mike to decide how best I can continue to help with financing them. It's very cruel that those who need help the most, through no fault of their own, are being penalised by online learning. Food supplies seem to be a problem too as covid and the political situation have caused so many restrictions and shortages. We are discussing possible solutions, sadly money isn't always the answer if the food is just not available. Visiting the children as frequently has been restricted, but Sandra, Mike Judy and Thembie deserve huge praise for keeping the orphans as cared for as possible in the situation. Hopefully 2022 will see an improvement in conditions and we will continue to do all we can to alleviate a difficult situation. Thank you all for your continuing support. Best wishes for a Happy and Peaceful Christmas and a Healthy 2022. Lucinda Macdonald Corven Connel Argyll PA37 1 PJ Scotland