Moore House Presentation

On Friday 3rd September I gave a presentation to The Moore House Academy in Bathgate, West Lothian. The Moore House Group is a Charity providing a wide range of support, including residential care, fostering education and psychological interventions for some of Scotland's most vulnerable children and young people. The school at Bathgate is just one of their establishments. The pupils were very interested in the Pelandaba Orphans, recognising them as individuals experiencing difficulties as well. It was a very interesting day and the work being done in the school by dedicated staff was very interesting This was the first event for sometime due to covid restrictions. The young people of the Moore House Academy are keen to undertake some outdoor sponsored activities in order to recognise the very different challenges facing the Pelandaba young people and by so doing, contribute to the charity. 2022 is the year the school will focus on the needs of others and the different challenges experienced in Third World countries. They will research their location in the world, their culture and their different needs. A big thank you to Moore House Academy for their interest.