Glassary Primary School Fundraiser

After the October holidays work began in Glassary Primary School in Argyll to learn about the lives of the Pelandaba Orphans and to ultimately make items to sell at a Christmas Fair to raise funds for school fees. A story telling session was followed by a lot of brainstorming and the pupils decide they would like to paint watercolours from photos taken in Zimbabwe and make cards from them to sell as well as the originals. They also wanted to make African style bead jewellery, tie and dye squares for Christmas sweet bags and make large shopping bags from a donated sail which left South Africa as part of the yacht "Imagine That" in 1982 and eventually came to Oban in 1988. The P1-3 were to make a frieze of their favourite African story, the P4-7s were to follow the journey of the yacht and fact find about the places it visited to make a display. ( The yacht is now en route to Australia with a new sail!) The pupils wanted to learn about the Pelandaba children to do a comparative study of their lives. The profiles that Thembie so kindly does of the Pelandaba pupils were to be used as the basis for this part of the project and the Glassary pupils would interview each other and write similar profiles so that comparisons could be drawn. New skills were learned including hand and machine sewing for the first time for many. The pupils were very enthusiastic and the staff all got involved with the project. On 16 December, the night of their Christmas production, a display of the project and a Sale were planned as a Fundraiser. There was a raffle too. An excellent turn out of parents and the local community meant that over £400 was raised towards school fees. Thank you to everyone for working so hard. The Orphans really appreciate your help in difficult times for all Zimbabweans.