Midsummer lunch at Lairfad

On Friday 28th June the first event for the orphans was held in the garden. A gazebo was erected in case of inclement weather, but the day dawned fair with a gentle breeze, so the gazebo was used as shade, unusual in Scotland! The lunch menu consisted of a variety of different dishes starting with mushrooms & fennel in hollandaise sauce with parmesan biscuits or king prawns on a samphire & naartjie salad with mango & sweet chilli dressing. The main courses were all served with savoury rice and salads and were Bobotie, a typical South African mince dish, African Pork Stew cooked in coconut milk & white wine with butternut squash, peanut butter and apricots and Chicken Breast in a mayonnaise, lemon & curry sauce topped with broccoli and cheese. desserts included, exotic fruit salad with granadilla and yogurt cream, apple crumble and custard and tiramisu. There were many raffle prizes, refreshing drinks imbibed and a lot of hilarity! Donations were extremely generous and an amazing £867 was made. Thank you ladies for your generosity supporting the orphans.